As a young man I struggled to find some sense of order and meaning in a mind filled with conflicting concepts, knowledge, beliefs, emotions and ideas. As with most, I was reluctant to accept that the chaos in my life was due to my own ignorance. Having inherited the strong, almost psychic, intuition that was a part of the family for generations along with an innate gift for insight and  discernment; how could it be ignorance?


     In a state of intense wanting - but not wanting, certainty - but doubtful,  seeing but not seeing,  needing but too afraid to admit need, I reached  the point of utter frustration  and exasperation. It was then, in 1969,  that my journey out of the dark world of ignorance began.


      I would continue to struggle, at times suffer, but wisdom came. First by religion then by the lack of it. Over time the seed awakened that night in 1969 would lead to rebirth, initiating the slow methodical emergence of the Self.  The Self, now unfettered by the ego, free to fly, to know, to love, to serve and to experience the joy of being.  And with that, finally, the humility needed to actually do the  thing I had been called to do; teach.


    Whatever your journey I want to share with you this knowing: you are perfect, you are an essential indispensable part of existence,  you, as with all else, are an expression of the divine. You are here to struggle but you are not here to suffer. There was never a time when you (the authentic Self) did not exist and there will never be a time when you do not exist. Love is the First Principal and all else flows from it.  However you perceive this world and what it is to "BE"  know that it is so much more. We are one in diversity and from my heart to yours, love, and the peace that passes all understanding (Shanti). I am humbled you have stopped for a moment on your journey to explore  the meager fragments of what has been and continues to be a most amazing and incredibly beautiful journey. One for which the only appropriate attitude is ever deepening  gratitude.


OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

"Wow I just love you! I'm ready to step in and work with you!  Your web site is awesome by the way!"

                                                                                                      Telisha Sofie - Inbodyments

"Oh Goodness! Your website is amazing, and the teachings your lead by are very well displayed and articulated. I feel like reading through it was a reminder of the years of wisdom you have provided:) Thank you for your beautiful, unconditional, and authentic contribution to this world! "

        Shyla Teal Ray

"I really, really like your updated website. Thank you for sharing the wisdom you teach"

                                                                                            Autumn Rose Radil

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