How are you???


     ...if I told you of my pain.

     Would you listen?

     And, if you listened.

     Would you be responsible for what you heard?

     And, if you were responsible.

     Would you have the capacity to understand?

     And, if you understood.

     Would you have the compassion to reach out and


     And, if you had the compassion.

     Would you have the wisdom to give of yourself

     to heal?

      And, if you had the wisdom...

     Would you?


...I‘m fine.

  "Knowledge" is not "Knowing" and this is reflected in the fact that the majority of people are as lost - if not more lost - as ever. We have become a nation, a world, of the “Plastic Fantastic “, where everyone is a “Wanna-be”  or a “Has Been.” A place where illusion is hawked as reality, and everything of value has been reduced to clichés  and sound bites to be experienced from the comfort of your living room.  If ever there was a time for the light of consciousness to shatter the darkness of ignorance its now!


      The known universe, it’s myriad wonders, this solar system, the earth and ALL LIFE, from the simplest to the most complex, is the manifested expression of the divine. The purpose of the human experience is the mastery and eventual transcendence of the ego by the divine (authentic) Self through the cultivation of our inherent nature to love.


                The essence of love is freedom.

                The essence of freedom is choice.

                The essence of choice is responsibility.

                The essence of responsibility is accountability.

                The essence of accountability is integrity.


      It is integrity (the personal code chosen to live by) that empowers one to navigate life with confidence instead of trepidation. Integrity is rooted in the relationship between the Ego and the Authentic Self. The more harmonious our integrity  is with our divine nature, the greater our ability to navigate with love and compassion. Thus empowered we can serve others with humility and grace minimizing their suffering and ours while discovering the joy and beauty life has to offer. It is with love and a sincere desire for your well being and that of others I encourage you to take the journey from the darkness of ignorance into the light of true consciousness.




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