" Lead me from  the unreal to the Real. Lead me from death to immortality. " OM Shanti Shanti Shanti                             The Kena Upanishad



The Inner Path may be consulted for answers and information regarding,  spiritual knowledge, religious inquiries - in general or specific, life questions, personal growth, relationships intimate and otherwise. The method of query is up to you. You may chose any one, combination, or all of the following:  Consultation, I Ching, Numerology, Zen Tarot*

The fees below are suggested


 General or Specific Consultation $40


The I Ching may be consulted for advice on any Specific Question you have regarding life love or the pursuit of happiness. I Ching Reading $40


Birth Day Reading  is a numerology reading based on the day of birth: $10


Basic Life Path is a numerology reading based on your full birth date (mm/dd/yyyy ) $10


Numerology Reading is a chart based on your full name given at birth as well as the name you currently go by  or have gone by for 5 years or more: $40



Relationship Reading this is a Numerology Reading that reflects the challenges and potentials of a long term relationship.  It requires all the birth information for a Numerology Reading for both the individuals involved $70


Complete Numerology Reading this a reading that incorporates all of the  various types of readings including a relationship analysis if desired. $80


Human Design


* Zen Tarot is an in house service you must be present to take advantage of. The Inner Path does not provide this service via the Internet at this time.$40



For security purposes Pay Pal is the preferred method for receiving support. However, if you prefer you may lend your support by check or money order. Local participants may use cash. Please Do Not send cash through the mail.


YOU MUST be at least 18 years of age to request information provided by The Inner Path. It is not the intent of The Inner Path to circumvent or interfere with those responsible for your care and education. If you are under 18 please consult with your parent or Guardian before requesting  services from The Inner Path.


 The Inner Path relies entirely on the karmic system ( Similar in some respects to the honor system) for payment. The decision to contribute for services received is entirely up to you.  Because The Inner  Path is here to serve, service will be provided regardless of an individual's desire or ability to pay. What we put out into the world is what we get back from it.


Truth is the only language spoken here. It is important to  understand that there can not be a constructive relationship without truth. If it is your intent to  hide the truth or to misrepresent yourself or your motives in any way you are wasting your efforts and those of The Inner Path.


 Fear has no place here.  There is no  reason for you to fear.  It is not the intention of The Inner Path to judge you as a person or your beliefs.  The Inner Path is here to help you asses and understand your relationship with your personal truth and behavior and in so doing help you to find better ways to  express  yourself and your ambitions.


 Difference is expected and accepted here.  The Inner Path has no expectations as to who you should be.  The Inner Path's intention is to help you visualize the Being you want to be and in some meaningful way provide you with  information that will help you become that Being. It is understood that at times there will be disagreement but at all times the mind and heart will be kept open.


 Privacy is sacred ground. What is shared here will be kept in the strictest of confidences.  Nothing you bring to the table will be shared outside The Inner Path unless you chose to share it.  The Inner Path will be respectful of your privacy at all times.


Your evolution as a" Whole Being" is both the motivation and goal here. The sole purpose of The Inner Path is to facilitate personal evolution.  There are no underlying motives.  Every effort will be made to serve what is in your best interest and the achievement of this goal


The Inner Path is not a psychological counseling service. Although many of the services that are provided can aid in the process of certain types of mental and spiritual healing The Inner Path does not engage in psychoanalysis nor is it designed to replace the need for such service. Those needing psychoanalysis are encouraged to seek professionals trained to provide that type of service.


The Inner path is not engaged in the practice of fortune telling. The tools used are intended to aid in the process of your evolution as a Being not to predict outcomes.


Questions or comments regarding information on this site are encouraged and can be made on the Communications Page or the Contact Page